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TE Connectivity 4001A Accelerometer


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  • ±2g to ±200g Dynamic Range
  • High Over-Range Protection
  • Signal Conditioned Output
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Lightweight
  • Gas Damping
  • 8 to 36Vdc Excitation Voltage


  • Low Frequency Monitoring
  • Transportation
  • Vibration Sensing
  • Test & Instrumentation
  • Machine Control
  • Motion Analysis
  • Tilt

Silicon MEMS Accelerometer
Signal Conditioned Output
Temperature Calibrated
Low Cost, Lightweight

The Model 4000A & 4001A are economical signal conditioned accelerometers with integral temperature compensation. The accelerometers incorporate a 3rd generation silicon MEMS sensor providing outstanding performance. The accelerometers are packaged in a rugged aluminum housing ideal for transportation and instrumentation testing. The signal conditioned output incorporates a 2.5V reference that offers the user a differential or single-ended output.