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Texys designs and manufactures World class, high technology electronic sensors for the Motorsport, Aerospace and sports industries.

Our products are used by the Worlds leading international racing teams from F1, NASCAR, Moto GP, Le Mans, Indy, WRC, WTCC all the way through to the America's Cup.

With our diverse electronic expertise, major testing departments in the aviation and automotive industries depend on the critical data our sensors provide. Compact, integrated cutting edge electronics allow Texense sensors to keep innovation alive.

Sensorex is a designer and manufacturer of pH electrodes, ORP electrodes, free chlorine, disolved oxygen sensors and  conductivity sensors.  Sensores introduced some ground-breaking technologies since their initial launch in 1972, and today, remain focused on the continual advancement of water quality monitoring products.

American Sensor Technologies American Sensor Technologies

AST manufactures MEMS pressure transducers that offer the best price-performance ratio in the industry. Thanks to Krystal Bond™ Technology, AST pressure sensors are machined from a single piece of stainless steel and have no welds, fluid filled cavities or O-rings. These pressure sensors are built with a thick diaphragm and state-of-the-art strain gages to provide excellent accuracy, high proof pressure, long-term stability, and high electrical isolation. Common industries utilizing AST sensor products are industrial OEM hydraulic systems, fuel cells, medical gases, HVAC, refrigeration (ammonia, Freon, CO2), Oil & Gas exploration and production, and off-road vehicles.

Amphenol Advanced Sensors Amphenol Advanced Sensors

Amphenol Advanced Sensors is a part of listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Amphenol Corporation. Amphenol Advanced Sensors is a manufacturer of piezoresistive gas & liquid pressure sensors and diece. Part of the Amphenol's Advanced Sensors product portfolio is based on the well-known and respected sensors, produced until recently under the brand name of the NovaSensor.

Mensor, WIKA, DH Budenberg, Desgranges&Huot Mensor, WIKA, DH Budenberg, Desgranges&Huot

Since its founding in 1969, Mensor has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of the finest high accuracy pressure measuring and calibration and controlling instruments and test systems available. Through the years, Mensor has developed an international reputation for quality products and service in the precision pressure instrumentation market. Mensor is located in San Marcos, Texas, between Austin and San Antonio in central Texas.

Founded in 1967, Setra Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of pressure, acceleration, and weight sensing devices. Setra has devoted its engineering and research efforts to the development of transducers and systems based on the highly accurate variable capacitive transduction principle. Setra’s founders, Dr. Y.T. Li and Dr. S.Y. Lee, are Professors Emeritus of Engineering at MIT and the co–developers of the variable capacitance transduction principle, the innovative force sensing technology which is the heart of Setra’s products.

TE Connectivity (TE) is one of the leading connectivity and sensor companies in the world. Measurement Specialties sensors from TE Connectivity are essential to the next generation of data-driven technology. Offer an unmatched portfolio of intelligent, efficient and high-performing sensor solutions to customers across many industries, including automotive, industrial and commercial transportation, medical and appliance. TE Connectivity technologies enable measurement capabilities such as pressure, temperature, position, humidity and fluid property, to name a few.

Unisens was founded in 1991 by Anna Stańczyk. The company specializes in providing high-quality measurement equipment: sensors, transducers of physical quantities and calibration devices.

After over 20 years activity, Unisens is perceived as a trustworthy partner and reliable supplier of high quality measuring devices, like pressure scanners, temperature scanners, force, acceleration, temperature, pressure, torque, humidity and position sensors and pressure calibrators.