Mensor - DPG2400(Series Digital Pressure Gauge Mensor

DPG2400 Series Digital Pressure Gauge

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  • Ranges to 6000 psi
  • 0.03% FS uncertainty
  • RS-232 or RS-485 communications
  • 17 selectable pressure units and 1 user defined unit
  • Monochrome LCD display
  • Display of max. and min. readings
  • Null capability
  • Unique and simple user interface
  • Absolute, gauge, bidirectional or vacuum
  • CE compliant
  • Compact size


  • Desk top monitoring of barometric pressure changes
  • Production and test environments
  • Pressure test benches


Mensor’s DPG 2400 Digital Pressure Gauge is a low cost, single range pressure measuring instrument. With an uncertainty of 0.03% FS and a small package design, this unit is perfect as a desktop pressure monitor or a barometer. The unique design of the DPG 2400 provides peak and null features, selectable from the main menu screen. Pressure units are selectable from a choice of 17 different units and one user defined unit. The small package, combined with lower uncertainty levels, make this a perfect choice where high levels of uncertainty are not required and cost is a concern.


The DPG 2400 is ideal for use as a desktop pressure monitor, barometer, or in production and test environments as a replacement for test gauges. The DPG 2400 is temperature compensated from 15 to 45 degrees Celsius and can be used in this range without degradation of accuracy. Pressure ranges are available in either absolute, gauge or bidirectional modes from as low as 10 in H2O to as high as 6,000 psi. The price and accuracy of the DPG 2400 makes it an ideal replacement for a mercury manometer in environments where mercury may be a hazard. It is used in the health care industry, weather monitoring (as a barometer), and as a process or laboratory pressure indicator.

Functional Flexibility

The DPG 2400 has a clear LCD display with an intuitive menu structure for easy navigation within the setup screens. A membrane key pad provides the user the capability to navigate within these menus to set display features such as peak, null, pressure units. It also allows access to a password protected calibration section for recalibration of the internal sensor. The DPG 2400 can be operated from a remote computer via a RS-232 or RS-485 serial port connection. The serial port can be used to configure, read or calibrate the sensor. This is useful when remote indication of the pressure is required. RS-232 is used for communication over short distances and the RS-485 for longer distances and multidrop applications.