Mensor - CPC8000(High-End Pressure Controller Mensor

CPC8000 High-End Pressure Controller

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  • Pressure ranges from -15 psi to 6000 psi or -1 to 400 bar
  • Up to 3 removable transducers plus a barometric reference
  • Modular design of electrical and pneumatic components
  • Positive and negative gauge pressure, absolute pressure
  • Control stability 0.002% FS of highest range sensor
  • Uncertainty: 0.01%FS, 0.01% IS-50 or 0.008% IS-33 (includes A2LA/NIST calibration certificate)
  • Large touch screen user interface
  • Precision needle valve regulator


  • Industry (laboratory, service shop and production)
  • Transducer/Transmitter production
  • Pressure gauge manufacturers
  • Calibration Labs (sensor manufacturing, health care, nuclear power, general manufacturing)
  • Research and development laboratories


The CPC 8000 High-End Pressure Controller is our premier pressure calibrator/controller, designed to automate testing of pressure transmitters, pressure transducers, field pressure calibrators, pressure gauges and pressure sensors of all kinds.


The CPC 8000 has a modern look, modular components, and a large HD color touch screen. A rack mount or desk top version is available. Precision, stable control and quiet operation are achieved with the modular needle valve pressure control system, mounted on a tubeless pneumatic manifold. The CPC 8000 delivers a percent of reading accuracy over a wide range with up to three removable transducers and a removable barometric reference. The transducers and the barometer can be calibrated remotely using the optional calibration fixture. Built in safety features, software emulation for drop in compatibility, selectable configurations, extensive setup features and intuitive operation were all designed with the operator in mind.


The CPC 8000 utilizes an intuitive tab driven operator interface through the HD color touch screen. Access to and interaction with commonly used features, functions and settings quickly becomes routine. Language choices, units, display options, sensor settings, limits and a variety of other setup choices can be easily selected or saved within user defined configurations.


Operators can automate operation of the CPC 8000 by using an internal sequence application or by programming a command sequence in an external application. Remote communication is achieved using standard Mensor commands, SCPI commands or a command set emulation mode for drop in compatibility with existing software used to communicate with common industry calibrators. Communication is achieved through IEEE-488, USB, Ethernet or RS-232 remote interface connections.

Test and calibration systems

Mobile carts or stationary rack mounted pressure calibration test sets can be assembled based on customer specifications.