TE Connectivity - 3052(Piezoresistive MEMS DC Response Circuit Board TE Connectivity

3052 Piezoresistive MEMS DC Response Circuit Board


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  • Adhesive Mounted
  • ±0.5% Non-Linearity
  • ±1.0% Temperature Performance (Typical)
  • DC Response, Gas Damping
  • Built-in Overrange Stops
  • Low Power Consumption
  • ±2mV Zero Output
  • ±2g to ±200g ranges


  • Vibration & Shock Monitoring
  • Motion Control
  • Impact & Shock Testing
  • Transportation Measurements
  • Embedded Applications
  • Machinery

Piezoresistive MEMS
DC Response
Circuit Board Mountable
Integral Temp Compensation

The Model 3052 is a silicon MEMS accelerometer with integral temperature compensation. The accelerometer is packaged on a ceramic substrate with an epoxy sealed ceramic cover and is designed for adhesive mounting. The accelerometer is offered in ranges from ±2g to ±200g range and provides a flat frequency response to minimum 2000Hz. The silicon MEMS sensor is gas damped and incorporates over-range stops for high-g shock protection.

For a similar accelerometer designed for bolt mounting, see the model 3058.