TE Connectivity - TE Connectivity XFL205R(Subminiature Load Cell TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity XFL205R Subminiature Load Cell


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Full Scale Range 0-2 N to 0-100 N
Extremly Flat 2.5 mm
Diameter Only 5 mm
Integrated Spherical Load Button
For Static and Dynamic Applications

The XFL205R series is a subminiature load cell with a temperature compensation module that is integrated into the output cable. This design allows FGP Sensors to manufacture extremely small sensors without sacrificing thermal zero and sensitivity performance. The XFL205R measures strain during compression in static and dynamic applications. Unlike sensors with flat force application surfaces, the XFL205R incorporates a spherical load button, which assures more precise loading and in turn more accurate measurements. The sensing element is fitted with a fully temperature compensate Wheatstone bridge equipped with high stability micro-machined silicon strain gages. The use of silicon strain gages optimizes the XFL205R's performance at low ranges and frequencies.

With many years of experience as a designer and manufacturer of sensors, FGP Sensors has the expertise to customize and/or design sensors for specific uses and testing environments. To meet your needs we also offer complete turnkey systems. Our conditioning electronics can power the sensor, amplify the electronic signal, and display the data digitally. A turnkey measurement system arrives with matched components, formatted, calibrated and ready for your immediate use.