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TE Connectivity FN7325 Multiaxial Load Cell


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  • Measures force and torque simultaneously
  • Up to 6 components load cell
  • Multiple and custom designs available
  • Optional integrated amplifier
  • Minimal Cross Effects


  • Mechanical linkage
  • Structure testing
  • Crash testing
  • Automotive testing
  • Industrial test benches

6-Components Load Cell
Range from 5 to 250 kN (1 to 50 klbf)
Measures force in three directions X, Y, Z
Measures torque in three directions Mx, My, Mz
Minimal Cross Effects
High Level Output Model with Integrated Amplifier

The multiaxial FN7325 measures force from 0-5 kN to 0-250 kN along three axes as well as the corresponding torque from 0-200 Nm to 0-7000 Nm. The FN7325 is simple to use and install and in many diverse applications circumvents the necessity of employing multiple single-axes units. For high-level output a model with integrated amplifier is available.

With many years of experience as a designer and manufacturer of sensors, Measurement Specialties from TE Connectivity, Inc. often works with customers to design or customize sensors for specific uses and testing environments. 

To meet your needs we also offer complete turnkey systems. The matched components (sensor, power, amplifier and digital display) are formatted, calibrated and ready for immediate use.