TEXYS - TEXYS Kit Touring Car(12x INFKL-150 (or 200) TEXYS

TEXYS Kit Touring Car 12x INFKL-150 (or 200)


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  • Compact size allows for easy integration into many systems.
  • Both the 150 and 200°C products are delivered with linear output signals.


  • Disk brakes temperature measurements
  • Tyres temperature measurements

Kit Touring Car

This kit includes 12x INFKL-150 (or 200) and is designed to fit any race cars.
By installing three sensors at each corner of the car (inner/middle/outer), you will be able to get valuable data in order to control:

  •    Chamber
  •    Tire pressures
  •    Steering and suspension geometry
  •    Driving style
  •    Parameters who can be measured with the 'basic analysis kit'

Note: other sensors are needed to control these parameters. To make data analysis alongside the IR tire temp, an accelerometer, steering angle sensor and wheel speed sensor would be needed.