Mensor - CPC6000(Modular Precision Pressure Controller Mensor

CPC6000 Modular Precision Pressure Controller


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  • 0.01% of Reading Accuracy (0.01% Intelliscale-50 )
  • 365 day calibration interval on specific ranges
  • Dual Channel with up to 2 Transducers per channel
  • Removable / Interchangeable Transducers
  • Removable / Interchangeable Barometric Reference
  • Multi-Language menus
  • Ranges from 10 inches of water to 1500 psi


  • Pressure Sensor Manufacturers
  • Calibration Labs
  • Aerospace
  • Utilities
  • Pharmaceutical / Medical / Health Care


The CPC 6000 can be configured to match the application. This makes it particularly suited for calibration labs and production environments where a wide range of pressure sensors must be calibrated or qualified.

Functional Flexibility

Mensor’s CPC 6000 Modular Precision Pressure Controller (formerly the APC 600) has two independent precision pressure regulating channels which can operate simultaneously. Each channel can have up to two transducers; each transducer has an accuracy of 0.01% Intelliscale-50 with a calibration interval of 365 days on specific ranges. Transducer modules and the Barometric Reference transducer can be quickly removed for calibration or service. Calibration configuration data is stored on each transducer module, which provides the capability of interchanging one transducer with another of the same, or different range. On-the-shelf spare modules can be interchanged with modules in the CPC 6000 to virtually eliminate down time during calibration cycles. Manual user interface is through a color touch screen and the menus can be configured in different languages for international use. For low pressure control (<15 psi) an innovative internal pressure generator is included which eliminates the need for an external pressure source. The CPC 6000’s flexible architecture, innovative user interface, and modular design make it the right choice for pressure calibration or production test environments.


To communicate with external programs for automated control, the CPC 6000 is equipped with IEEE-488, RS-232 and Ethernet. Automated control of the CPC 6000 can be accomplished using the remote command set. An external computer using any of a variety of software programs (LabVIEW® Drivers are available) can remotely control the functions of the CPC 6000. This is useful in production environments where repetitive processes are required or in a lab environment where calibration certificates need to be produced and stored.

Calibration Certificate

Each CPC 6000 is shipped with a NIST traceable calibration certificate. Mensor’s calibration laboratory is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by A2LA.