Mensor - CPC3000(Pneumatic High-Speed Pressure Controller Mensor

CPC3000 Pneumatic High-Speed Pressure Controller


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  • Pressure ranges:
    •  Gauge: 0 ... 5 up to 0 ... 1000 psig
    •  Absolute: 0 ... 15 to 0 ... 1015 psia
    •  Bi-directional: -15 ... 15 to -15 ... 1000 psig
  • Control speed: < 3 sec.
  • Total Uncertainty: 0.025 % FS for 365 days
  • Bezel and Handle


  • Industry (laboratory, workshop and production)
  • Pressure transmitter manufacture
  • Calibration service companies
  • Research and development laboratories


The CPC3000 has a compact, light weight design, a reliable high speed pressure regulator, gauge / absolute / bi-directional ranges and an optional barometric reference for emulation. These qualities make the CPC3000 suitable for a variety of applications.


With an accuracy of 0.025 % FS and a high speed regulator, the CPC3000 is well suited for use in the production of pressure sensors, transmitters, transducers, and pressure switches or as a working standard for the control and calibration of all types of pressure gauges.


A color touch-screen, combined with user-friendly menus, guarantees high productivity in a calibration lab or production facility; all screens can be viewed in several different languages.