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TE Connectivity XP5 Miniature Pressure Sensor


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  • Absolute, sealed and gauge ranges 1 to 350 bar [15 psi to 5 000 psi]
  • For static and dynamic applications
  • Flush diaphragm
  • Titanium construction
  • Amplified output available
  • Linearity up to ±0.25% FSO


  • Corrosive liquids and gases
  • Braking system pressure
  • Onboard equipment monitoring
  • Mil-Aero

The XP5 miniature pressure sensor features Measurement Specialties from TE Connectivity’ cutting edge SanShiftTM technology which eliminates zero shifts caused by installation torque. This rugged sensor is constructed of titanium to enable reliable operation including harsh environments. The XP5’s core sensing technology consists of a temperature compensated Wheatstone bridge composed of high stability micro-machined silicon strain gauges. Available in gauge, absolute and sealed configurations, the XP5 is offered in ranges from 1 to 350 bar [15 to 5,000 psi]. An on-board amplifier is optionally available (A1) for ranges from 5 to 350 bar [75 to 5,000 psi].