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TE Connectivity 603 Triaxial Rate Sensor


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  • Low Noise Jacketed Cables
  • Rugged Integral Strain Relief
  • Reliable Silicon MEMS Sensors
  • -40 to +105°C Temperature Range
  • Shock Resistant Package
  • 5-16Vdc Excitation Voltage
  • SAE J211 Compliant Performance 


  • Auto Safety Crash Testing
  • Aerospace Testing
  • Pedestrian Impact
  • Rollover Testing
  • Motorsports
  • Biomechanics Testing
  • Robotic System Design 

The Model 603 is a small, lightweight triaxial rate sensor designed for high impact testing. The sensor utilizes reliable silicon MEMS sensing elements with custom electronics in angular rate ranges of ±500 to ±24,000deg/sec. The model 603 is packaged in a shock resistant housing specifically designed for critical measurement applications such as automotive safety, biomechanics and aerospace testing