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AST5100 Differential Pressure Transducers - Low Pressure


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  • Accurate Low Pressure Measurement 
  • Excellent Repeatability 
  • Wide Variety of Liquids and Gases including: Water, Natural Gas, Hydrocarbon Fuels, Air, Non-Corrosive Gases


  • Liquid Level Control including Bubbler systems 
  • Climate / HVAC Controls 
  • Energy Management 
  • Air-fuel Ratio including Measurement for Furnaces 
  • Vapor Recovery 
  • Leak Detection 
  • Air or liquid Filtration 
  • Flow Measurement 
  • External Tank Level

The AST5100 Differential Pressure Transmitter is your accurate pressure sensing device for low differential pressure. With a differential pressure ranges as low as 0 to 5" water column (12.5mbar), this product can be used to measure flow across an orifice, differential across a filter, tank level, or gauge pressure. Using LVDTtechnology and AST's advanced electronics, the AST5100 delivers accurate, repeatable measurements.

Wetted Materials 
- Nickel Alloy 52, Ni-Span C, Viton, 304 stainless steel 
- Aluminum 6061, Solder, Loctite 680 (meets NSF61)