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LD 330 Local Display


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  • Convenient Local Display
  • Small Size
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 3-1/2 Digit LCD Display
  • Designed to be Installed In-line
  • Pressure Displayed in Desired Engineering Units
  • Available for Voltage or Current Input Devices
  • Easily Mounted with Integral Connectors
  • Low Cost
  • Available in Panel Mount Version
  • Meets CE Conformance Standards


  • Semiconductor Process Tools
  • High Purity Gas Delivery Systems
  • Integrated Gas Sticks

Setra's Model LD 330 is a small Local Display designed to be easily installed in-line between a Setra pressure transducer and the users data acquisition system and power supply. It has a low power consumption 3-1/2 digit analog to digital converter with a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The compact housing allows transducer and power supply connection through a variety of electrical terminations. The LD 330 is factory calibrated to read the specified range in engineering units. Zero and Span display adjustments are made through multi-turn potentiometers conveniently located on the front face. The LD 330 is lightweight and easily mounted using back or bottom mount integral connectors. With the Bayonet or Mini-Din connector, the housing rotates up to 280 degrees for optimum display viewing.