Setra Systems, Inc. - 204/C20(High Accuracy Pressure Transducers Setra Systems, Inc.

204/C20 High Accuracy Pressure Transducers


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  • Fast warm-up
  • 0-5 VDC or 4-20 mA output
  • 0.11% FS Accuracy
  • Excellent thermal effects
  • Low output noise
  • Fast response, less than 1 millisecond
  • Solid one-piece stainless steel sensor
  • Meets CE Conformance Standards


  • High Accuracy General Purpose
  • R&D Test and Measurement
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Dynamometers
  • Engine Test Cells

Setra’s Model 204 pressure transducers are intended for accurate pressure measurements of gas or liquid media compatible with 17-4 PH stainless steel. The high level output signal and excellent stability, combined with fast dynamic response, make this unit ideal for industrial, laboratory and aerospace applications.

The exceptional accuracy is achieved by combining Setra’s unique electronic circuitry with its patented variable capacitance sensor. This unit is compensated for both zero and sensitivity shifts due to environmental temperature variations. The Model 204, with a high-level 0-5 VDC output, and the Model C204, with a high-level 4-20 mA output, require no additional signal conditioning. The sensor features a one-piece 17-4 PH stainless steel pressure sensor and an insulated electrode, which form a variable capacitor. As the pressure increases, the capacitance decreases.

This change in capacitance is detected and converted to a linear DC electric signal. On absolute pressure units, the reference side of the diaphragm is sealed by electron beam welding under high vacuum.