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141 High Output Linear Accelerometer


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  • Excellent Static and Dynamic Response
  • Temperature-Insensitive Gas Damping (0.7 Critical)
  • High Output Signal
  • High Overload Capability, (2000g static)
  • Low Transverse Sensitivity (0.012 g/g)
  • Wide-Range Rcal Type Calibration
  • Easy-to-Replace Cable Attachment
  • Compact, Lightweight
  • Optional EMI Filter Upgrade
  • Meets CE Conformance Standards

The Model 141 is a linear accelerometer that produces a high level instantaneous DC output signal proportional to sensed accelerations (ranging from static acceleration up to 3000 Hz as indicated below).

Setra accelerometers are unique in their ability to withstand exceedingly high g overload without damage. The Model 141 incorporates the super-rugged Setra capacitance-type sensor and a miniaturized electronic circuit.
Its excellent dynamic response is maintained by air damping, which varies with temperature approximately one-tenth as much as the best fluid damping.

The electrical characteristics are compatible with conventional strain-gauge type signal conditioning, including the use of shunt Rcal over any selected range up to 100% full scale. The stainless steel case is O-ring sealed, has a well-defined base plane and is quite insensitive to mounting strain.

Cross axis interference is exceedingly low. The external easy-to-replace cable attachment facilitates installation and service.