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TE Connectivity MS5535-30C Pressure Sensor Module


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  • Resolution 3.0 mbar
  • Supply voltage 2.2 V to 3.6 V
  • Low supply current < 5 μA
  • Standby current < 0.1μA
  • -40°C to +125°C operation temperature
  • 16 Bit ADC resolution pressure measurement and control systems


  • Mobile water depth measurement systems
  • Diving computers and divers watches

0 – 30 bar absolute pressure range
6 coefficients for software compensation stored on-chip
Piezoresistive silicon micromachined sensor
Integrated miniature pressure sensor 9 x 9 mm
16 Bit ADC
3-wire serial interface
1 system clock line (32.768 kHz)
Low voltage and low power consumption
RoHS-compatible & Pb-free

The MS5535-30C is a high-pressure version of MS5535C pressure sensor module. It contains a precision piezoresistive pressure sensor and an ADC-Interface IC. It uses an antimagnetic polished stainless ring for sealing O-ring. It provides a 16 Bit data word from a pressure and temperature dependent voltage. Additionally the module contains 6 readable coefficients for a highly accurate software calibration of the sensor. MS5535-30C is a low power, low voltage device with automatic power down (ON/OFF) switching. A 3-wire interface is used for all communications with a microcontroller.