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TE Connectivity M905 Programmable Digital Display Meter


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Suited for Process or Strain Gauge Type Sensors
Display: -19999 to 19999
Compact 96x46x60 mm Housing
Front Panel Programming
11 point scaling
Plug-in Option Boards

FGP Sensors offers comprehensive measurement solutions including electronic signal conditioning and display units.
The M905 is an all-in-one digital meter, supplying the sensor with power and providing general purpose 4 1/2 digit readout for strain gauge based transducers (mV, V) or process signals (mA, V). Standard features include a tare function, MAX/MIN value detection and storage, and a hold function. Optional relays and analogue outputs can be added to provide control outputs. The R5232 or R5485 option board allows communicating with PLC's or computers.
Through easy front panel or remote programming, the M905 adapts to a wide range of applications and works with most of FGP's sensors. Additionally it can be mounted in an ABS case.